At EPOS Systems, We are proud to have partnered with an assortment of companies. Each one having paved the way for the future of the EPOS Industry. Together, we aim to bring a complete, all in one package capable of handling any request from a Customer. From Hotels to Hospitals, Colleges to Canteens, At EPOS, we make sure that our systems are capable of doing the job and doing it well.

Providing high quality software products for over 20 years, ICR have helped pave the way for the EPOS sector, creating an industry standard product that remains at the top of the food chain to this day.

Providing high quality and reliable PDQ terminals capable of integrating with EposTouch’s powerful EFT systems, PS Connect is quickly becoming the most popular Merchant Service provider within the UK, with Epos Systems at the helm. Contact them today with us as your reference and get free integration and a very competitive rate!

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